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Payradanga Gallery
Jagadhatri Puja 22nd Sept
Christmas Day 25th Dec
  Old Puja Gallery  
Puja Parikrama 2014
  Durga Puja 2014 Gallery New  
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About The Website & Our Place

This website tries to accumulate & present in and across of the Payradanga's social, cultural and historical contexts, Our People, Our Place, Our Time. The goal of this website is to bring together all the information about & around our place to the people of the world visually. The People of Payradanga extends a very warm welcome to all who are interested about us & our culture.

Payradanga - A place of peace & tranquil nature situated at 23.04' N to 23.10'N latitude and 88.32'E to 88.38'E longitude. The picturesque destination for the people who love nature and it's beauty; A place haring a legacy of reach traditional & cultural heritage over the years; A place known for observance of traditional rites and rituals by different sects of people; A place for different religious activities.


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